70th Birthday of our Glorious


 I had planned on posting this on Holiness’s birthday! (the 20th), but I decided to take this special day just to celebrate in quiet time for myself as I have been so busy lately. I purposefully take a day off from whatever I was busy doing.. On the day of holiness birthday as well as it’s a marks the day when Lord Buddha turned the ‘Wheel of Dharma’, (when Lord Buddha gave his first sermon on the Four noble truths to his five disciples at Deer Park, Sarnath.) I wake to the soft murmuring breeze, the whispering wind.. and drops of rain. cooing from the trees. I was up very early morning that day and started making beautiful offerings. Finish my prayers before sun rise! I slowly had the glimpse of first burst of the brilliant soft light from sunrise. It calms my spirit, slowly I felt the soft light in pearls of rain drops it was not a bright sunny day but I felt the colour of the sky, the beauty of the day and It was a sign of a wonderful day to create a new day of precious glory. I Kept reminding myself how blessed I am to be born under their presence and their guidance.. A ray of wisdom and compassion shines brightly. I bathe myself in the crimson flow of their life story and was so motivated. It was so quiet, so perfectly timed to reflect on their lives and their teachings just to re-influence and re-ignite to become the best version of myself. I truly had an auspicious day! I know that if I live to be 100, I will never forget a single detail of this incredible day. It was a day when I sown a new seed. My heart is filled with infinite peace. Long Live Your Holiness!  Gyalwa Drikungpa Chenpo Chenno! 

Your holiness, 

On your 70th birthday, 

We are expressing gratitude to your benevolence. 

Thanking you from the core of our heart for living  within our heart and 

Awakens us to the immensity of your Boddhicitta spirit in your living presence!

Thanking you for enlightening us with the the gleam of your wisdom…

Suffuse us with the incandescence of your love.. 

Please give us strength to burst the shell of selfhood.. 

May your radiance  never be extinguished.. 


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  1. ❤ ཧྲཱིཿ


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