Postcards from D.K.I. Jangchubling Monastery

This is a place where flowers bloom,
And many kinds of trees dance and sway;
The birds here sing their tuneful melodies,
And monkeys gamboling on the woods.
It is pleasant and delightful to stay here alone.
Truly this is a quiet and peaceful place.
With my guru above my head, it is joyful here to meditate;
It is pleasant here to enjoy the Inner Heat;
It is happy here to practice the Illusory Body,
The spontaneous liberation from all worldly desires.

– Jetsun Milarepa


I’ve been here in this magical monastery for longer than I had originally planned. Before heading to another place I am taking this great opportunity to share some photos of this glorious place and it’s surroundings. I am loving every single day here as its so refreshing it’s almost like my second home. For me Jangchubling monastery always enshrined as an ever-present source of inspiration where I’ve learnt so many life lessons from my Gurus.. Every inch of the monastery has my own kind of favourite site. It is mindfulness for me where I kept reminding myself about how precious this life is and I would never take it for granted.

These days here we are having a monsoon season, it means every day is pouring with rain. So, even on a rainy morning, It still managed to have a breathtaking view. Savouring every magical moment I have here and counting my blessings.

Each morning was as picturesque as the next, basking in the beautiful soft sunlight whilst immersing into soothing melody prayers floating through the quiet air. Atmosphere is imbued with delicious fragrance of the burning juniper leaves, wafts of cloudy smoke dances in the wind and always brought my heart an inexplicable joy. The monastery’s interior presents a vivid colours of traditional Tibetan sacred art. Thangka paintings depicting the life of the Buddha and other enlightened masters hang on its saffron coloured walls. This rich contemplative art, along with the butter-lamps, incense, flowers, water bowls, and other offerings, combine to create an atmosphere of joyful tranquility within main shrine room.

I always love contemplating the monastery’s wall it covered with Buddha’s life story, fairies of tender beauty and fierce goddess, protectors, wheel of life, en-haloed saints peacefully resting on a lotus flower and beautiful fresco paint of hills, snow-clad mountains. Trees and water falls. So many beauties could visibly be seen on the wall. And If we go deeper into it we would definitely get goosebumps by their stories and on top of that each painting has quite a profound meaning in its accord. The whole universe seemed to be assembled in the wall of monastery. Over-flowing with the precious life stories of Buddhas and bodhisattvas.

For me, every day a simple and spontaneous moment like this is so precious. I always take the time to truly appreciate the beauty around me and be grateful for wherever my heart, head and feet lead me. The very reason I love my stay in Jangchubling was the experience like this and to learn more of Buddhas/Gurus wisdoms and to find inspiration in the immense peace and beauty of its nature as well as it helps me to be mindful in all that I act and that I think. Every Inch of this place is filled with an aura of peacefulness. It’s the subtle details of my surroundings that really inspire me.


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  1. Phuntsok Gyaltsen August 1, 2015 — 10:29 am

    all photos are just fantastic and amazing . Thank you so much ..


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