Lets jump back to the peaceful moments spent in Almorah few years ago. My first day was spent in deep relaxation and reflection on mountain clad with Himalayan oaks, deodars, rhododendrons and richly coloured maples. Looking back at these photos I can still feel the serenity and peace that comes from them. It was so beautiful to snuggle, nest and hide myself away for a few days in the pure nature of Almorah.  Endless gratitude for a backdrop of thick green foliage, for the early morning sun rise and for such sweet hospitality from my beautiful sister and her family. Everything was beautiful, it was a vision of wealth and order beyond my imagination, spacious mountains that boasted trees, vegetable garden, a strip of flowers, such an impressive place! I date my love of open spaces, the simple beauties of nature the clean and fresh environment. You can fall in love with the first sight of a place. A few days getaway in an ever so tranquil place like this. I truly felt immense gratitude towards wild nature and its surroundings. Looking forward to visit again soon.


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