16th August


Dear my moonflower,
Tomorrow is your birthday! You’re not a baby any longer, and that is okay I’ve seen you grow from a baby into a wonderful young woman who continues to bloom. It’s wonderful actually, seeing you blossom into the amazing young lady that you are today. I can only teach you about my path, my mistakes, my lessons learned, my joy, my pain, my strengths, my weaknesses. I can only encourage you to make wiser choices than me but, some things you will have to learn through your own mistakes, struggles, triumphs, joy, pain, strengths and weaknesses. I don’t know what path you will choose. I don’t know what your journey will bring. I do know I’ll be there to see you through every step. I do know I’ll be there to help you.

I always want you to keep a smile on your face and warm in your heart despite the storms you might face in the future. I want you to always have an attitude of gratitude by remaining steadfast under trials. I want you to rejoice not only in your blessings but also through your endless lessons. When you fall down I want you to get up courageously.

There will be people who will aim to bring your spirit down simply because they know how high it is. There will be people who will aim to dim your light because of their own pain. But always remember that You are light. You are sunshine. Don’t ever stop being light. Don’t ever dull your shine. Don’t ever allow your colour to fade. Keep your crown high whilst keeping your spirit humble. Yes, life will certainly test you. It may even try to break you but remember you are indestructible.

You were born with potential, you were born with goodness, trust and love. You have so much power within you. Every single day is a blessing never take it for granted. Let your inner beauties shine brightly and sprinkle it wherever you go. To be honest I’m thankful every day for having you in my life. You are a ray of sunshine in our lives. You are precious! Thank you for being such a blessing. I cherish you. May you set a shining example for the rest of us. 

Here’s to your bright and marvellous existence, it has only just begun. The spark has only just been ignited the flare from your amazing attributes will soon radiate throughout the world.


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  1. thank you for sharing your bright light! ཧཱུྂ


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