Peace Through The Nature


I fell in love with this inevitably beautiful nature. Everything inside of me was telling me how beautiful it is to be right here in this moment I could feel wholesome good vibes, this place gives me that were pulling me from the other side of the world. Everything feels at peace, everything feels calm. I am completely enveloped by ever-present-peacefulness.

I feel completely weightless here. This place stole the heaviness from me and realigned everything. I walked into the woods and found my way by getting lost in this wondrously lush forest. Engulfed by wild flowers, and fruits.

On the way up and down I constantly lost myself by collecting medicinal herbs and plants. I can’t help but smile and feel gratefulness to the Mother Earth. I came here everyday, it boosted my energy. There’s a certain preciousness in these wonderful moments.

Soaking in the absolute vitality of this very life. What a wonderful place to live, this EARTH! 

These are the feeling I will forever cherish.



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  1. Your photographs are amazing, keep up the good work i enjoy reading your posts


  2. The photos are fanstastic. Thank you so much for sharing :).


  3. Like

  4. Your light inspires me.


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