My Tranquil Dream State


I was so blessed being here, I really appreciate the infinite days, fruitful experiences. Immense of gratitude to be surrounded by beautiful jungles, waterfalls, and lots of learnings. It is absolutely beautiful to recharge in the purest realm. There are countless things to do, to finish, to see, and still our heart is never content by our wants, I somehow forget to be present. Always thinking backward, forward, left, and right. I forget to be still, I forget to nurture my body, the most precious boat of my existence on earth! So, after a month of being away from home. Here I am! Immersing into the flow, feeling absolutely radiant. I have been listening deeper into my inner self, reflecting on my actions on the path to my truest self. Now I am so ready to activate my gift without fear. I am so in love with life! Creating, Learning & Growing became part of my everyday life. 

I am now literally bursting into a million pieces of joy by realising how beautiful this life could be. All my dreams seems to be so achievable, once I thought it was impossible but now every single thought that I manifested, would become a reality a few days later! I won’t take this feeling for granted instead I will appreciate and take great opportunity to use it fully knowing this kind of feeling won’t last for long. One day I would look back and think how grand it was. 

Here is where the wind heals me. From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, I feel so pure by my intentions and strong within myself. This is all I need. Hope you all are having a productive day filled with so much love!


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