“Have you heard of the girl with the sun on her skin, 

 Who can make flowers grow with her light from within, 

 And she runs through the world leaving life in her wake,

 With blossoms all lining the path that she takes, 

 She must be quite shy for she’s never been seen, 

 She’s what paints the grass such a rich shade of green, 

 And If you listen on nights that are early in Spring,

 You might just hear her voice on the breeze as she sings.”

 – E.H.


When a plant sprouts from the ground it can not do so without being nurtured as a seed first. This principle is directly transferable to the children of today. obviously the conditions are different but the effect is so similar. A plant needs water, soil and sun to prosper and grow into an elegant flower. The plant will try and grow regardless of its surroundings. Some will wither from their neglected needs and others will bloom into elegant flowers. A human is born innocent with a blank mind and will grow regardless of its surroundings and needs. Today’s world is filled with war hatred and intolerance and this will continue unless we raise the next generation to live in peace and respect each other. We have to nurture that seed which is their mind and lead them into a world where they can coincide without fear of persecution or prejudice.


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  1. I love your posts and thoughts please keep blogging it keeps me interested


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