I am so happy with the unexpected journey I’ve been on. It was indeed a transforming experience where I learnt so much through experimenting. And now seeing this grow into a reality has been so nourishing to my spirit! I am learning about everything that I want to learn about, creating everything that I want to create. I am being completely nurtured, challenged and mothered by nature. This wonderful jar of delicious and healing plant based face & body butter is for my beautiful friend who’s been having trouble with curing her acne problem and scar marks! She has seen many doctors and taken lots of pills but her acne got worse day by day! For some very special reason I started to grow more passionate on these pure natural butters and oils. I researched, read many books, had conversations with old people about medicinal plants, oils, butters. Every day my wonder of plants grew more in depth. I collected lots of medicinal herbs. Experimented on my own skin. Just to see how it works. It drastically healed my skin. So here’s a jar which I’ve purposefully created for my beautiful friend I am deliriously happy that her skin is curing and healing. I made this with rich cocoa, shea, mango butter and nourishing and hydrating oils. All natural plant based ingredients, very moisturising and can mend stretch marks, acne scars, eczema, psoriasis. Thankful to be feeling inspired to learn more and more about plant power.



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  1. This is great, congratulations on your achievement, i hope you have so much success come your way.


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