Gracious Guru


80th Birthday

Today we are beyond happy to celebrate your precious birthday, to express how grateful we are to have your guidance. On your precious birthday we are reminding ourselves how much your life offers us; continual wisdom, solace and the courage needed to face the trials of life…
You are the great treasure of infinite compassion embracing all of the sentient beings.. You shine the light of dharma to eliminate the darkness of ignorance and bring the sunshine of peace and happiness.. You inspire us to have authentic feelings of loving kindness, compassion, inner calm, humility, and above all, the precious Bodhicitta.

Your simplicity, profoundness and the power to encourage us to engage in spiritual activity is inexpressible. What amazes us the most is that you never flaunt your ocean of wisdom but rather transform our mind towards precious Dharma.
You possess the treasure of kindness which you share universally with humans and all beings from all walks of life… Your tenacity and steadfastness are resounding values you’ve imparted and we hold them dear to us.. Your unconditional love continues to spur us. We are eternally grateful to have you in our lives.
From the bottom of our hearts we request for you to have a stable life until the samsara end.

Out of sheerest joy and utmost faith we pray for your longevity. Thank you so much for the endless enlightening lessons that light a candle of tranquility deep within the soul of anybody fortunate enough to have heard them. The nature of your presence has a single objective and that is to be kind and compassionate whilst appreciating how precious life is in all of its forms. Thank you dearest Guru, for inspiring us to make Dharma a living experience and a part of ourselves!

Wishing an Auspicious 80th birthday Gracious Guru.

“The one known in the Holy Land as Aryadewa Emanated into the Gar clan of Eastern Tibet as Chödingpa
The heart son of Jigten Gonpo
May the life of glorious Garchen remain steadfast for a hundred aeons
In this age of strife when the Victor’s teaching faces hardship

Through his powerful, Vajra-like conduct,
He takes on himself the heavy responsibility of the unbiased teaching.
May Garchen, the Sun of the Teachings, live long!”

Prayer composed by His Holiness Drikung Kyabgön Chetsang


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