A Journey To Remember


I didn’t plan on travelling and having as many adventures as I did but ultimately it just happened and I took advantage of the good fortune that lay in front of me. (When I need to go somewhere whether it’s personal work or anything I take that as a travel not specially or purposefully planning. Wherever I go I just first see what special things about that place so after I’d finished my work I take few days to explore around to have a glimpse of the beauty of any cities or villages I am on.)

I wrote ideas down, I sketched the landscapes that captivated my mind and heart. Instead of moaning and complaining about the long haul of travel I decided to read on the plane, bus, train and whenever I had the time I took a moment for myself, to learn more about my own. It was wonderful to end every single day with such gratitude and positive memories to reflect on. I learned that instead of rushing towards dreams, make them clear and slow down so we can enjoy the process of achieving. See how much happier it makes us and always choose quality over quantity. I kept reminding myself that we don’t have to finish up our work and dreams just because the day or month or year is ending. If it takes time let it take time because it is what it is.
I used to scared of thinking the year is ending and that I needed to do something special on new year so I began rushing everything and it all started to mess up. So now I know It is better not to be worried and that it’s better take the time to do things properly. Whether it’s the ending of the day or the dawn of a new one. We should start to appreciate everything which We are doing even if it takes many years. We will find the balance between quality work, time frames and personal improvements.

I know the right time will sprout up once it’s completely ready and I’m ready to grab that opportunity thats in front of me.


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  1. “I learned that instead of rushing towards dreams, make them clear and slow down so we can enjoy the process of achieving.” Love this


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