Road Trip

Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads you to wisdom.” – Buddha

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We set off around 8am. It was a uniquely beautiful day, the chill in the air increased whilst we floated down the miles of endless road through the scenic route by motorbike.. The road curved in and out, through a dark sunlit wood, every patch of light was alive. It was filled with sweet fragrances of dried wood and flowers. Fog spread over the distant mountains which nicely contrasted the evergreen meadows oozing with vibrancy. The sky was intensely blue and everything was sparkling in the morning sun. The valley looked like it was decorated with ripened organic fruits springing from nature. Every blade of rice swayed gracefully on its own. There was an overpowering dignity of those shaped rocks defying extreme conditions that man and nature threw at it. An array of trees all bound together in a vast amount of mountain. There were many small streams around the rice fields cultivating the very life of such a staple crop. There were a few clouds floating about, it was utterly unimaginably gorgeous. The colour of nature was so vibrant. As me and my friend stopped at a small tea stall there was a sweet lovely couple who were selling some sweets and pakoras. We joyfully enjoyed our cup of tea with pakoras which the man offered us. As we were about to pay for our tea, to our surprise they said it was their pleasure to give to us. Even though we tried to pay. The man folded his hand and smilingly said it’s their pleasure. This little act of love have touched my heart dearly. It is not about the money it is about sharing the love. The lesson I learned was never take for granted the tiny deeds of love. Even a simple smile to anyone could warm their heart.

kept reminding myself : Be so generous with your inner gems. Share it freely.

While on our way back on the motorbike we were so privileged to witness such a loving expression from all of the passers-by. Theres no intended destination. We found beauty hiding around every single corner and lived for those magical moments. I have loved the times where I could really be present, smile and appreciate little moments. I kept telling my friend, “How blessed we are to have this life, to experience all these beauties which most of us take for granted. FEEL this very moment.” There were beautiful smiles, waving hands from groups of women who were bundling up fire woods, warm smiles from an old man who was herding the cows, melodious sounds from families and friends busily working on the rice fields and children playing around. The sweetest smile from an old woman who was looking after her cotton farms, lovely giggles from school children, school boys passionately racing cycles giving us a peace sign and waving their hands with big smiles on their faces. Honestly every person we saw on our way literally filled my heart with so much joy that I cannot express. Each of these people’s faces made me realise my own phases/stages of life. Their faces tell a lots of stories which I long to hear. Long to learn.

I reminded myself how beautiful this feeling is! The sky was ablaze with green, purple, orange and indigo reflecting everything it overlooked. The setting sun had transformed everything. Everything was bursting with colours. My heart was filled with gratitude to experience all of it. It is all about being more concerned on beauty and possibilities than hardships. Knowing exactly this very moment of our life may never come again cherishing is all I can do. I made complete use of it as much as I can. Live full of life. We have the choice this very moment – every single day of our lives will be over one day that’s why it’s wise to practice Dharma now! Dharma for me is about DAILY PRACTICE. To feed your inner world with love compassion and kindness. Rejoicing over everything and never forgetting everything in this world is impermanent. Just rejoice as they are. Use your precious human life diligently with all your potential. Anything can be a magical, a blessing, a precious, an opportunity if we choose to see it that way. I truly appreciate the moments of this road trip for me it was a beautiful journey to contemplate on life and nature. Always be mindful. Be kind.



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  1. A beautiful story and beautiful pictures 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing, now I want to go here.


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