2016 key words – Painful. Impactful. Teaching. Enlightening. Challenging. So much fell apart just as much as things came together. For every bad action in the world a good one no matter how small countered it. In the face of great adversity and troubles one thing is for sure, time is not on our side, our very existence is limited and gets shorter with each breath we take. Now is the time to stand together and make a difference. This new wave of global collaboration is going to need all the free thinkers, the hard workers, all the leaders, all the volunteers. Rulers and artists and geniuses to cut down the spouting of ignorance, hatred and evil to shine brighter than ever. We can do this in 2017. It’s time so step up and take the roles we’ve known we were destined to take for our entire lives. Here is to a bright optimistic Year of 2017. Make every moment you live mean something.

Be the shining light this new year needs.


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