The Book Of Joy 

It delights me to discover this incredible book! I was travelling back home on the plane reading it and I kept chuckling and laughing. My heart brimmed with such joy. I find myself smiling lots. There were pauses to tell their stories and ponder over their wisdom.  In that sense this immensely wise and helpful book is healing to my heart. I poured over their words and absorbed each and every single word and used it in daily practices.

Listening to their stories and their daily practices enhanced my own journey. It broadened my heart and mind. I find the amazing ability to distill ancient spiritual truths into contemporary usable and practical guidelines.

As my Guru always reminds me that spirituality is not about making life complicated or making the practice harder, it is all about leading by the practical example. It doesn’t meant to confuse others but rather enlighten or awaken others mind.

This book has an extraordinary ability to bring hope and light. It has a certain magic to it that allows you to disconnect from your own reality and be put into their shoes and witness their thought processes throughout their struggles, adventures and spiritual journey. 

recommend that you read this book and allow its wisdom to touch your innermost being. Their humbleness their down to earth personalities. 

I wholeheartedly recommend this profoundly inspiring book to all seekers today.


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