Commemoration Of Lord Jigten Sumgon

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I woke up early that morning to the sweet scent of wet earth, a buzz of 5am silence into the stirring of the days awakening, loving the freshness that the early morning brought. Especially on this day I felt more calm and joy knowing it is the most auspicious day, the commemoration of the 800th Mahaparinivana of Lord Jigten Sumgon.

Serving as a strong reminder of how precious our life is. How grateful we are to have the most kind lineage Gurus. A moment like this deserves its own dedicated post. Glimpsing at all of the transforming nature like the aroma of flowers with the glittering of the few deep green leaves had me ponder on each beautiful beginning has equally powerful endings. Nothing is permanent yet every single second is precious. With the soft sunbeams flickering through waving trees. Serenity of mind. Peacefulness of heart. As guru always reminding us any ordinary activity can be transformed into the most precious one by directing our perspective towards awakening the minds and seeing every object as a symbol of deeper truths.

It is quite an amazing to think 800 years ago Lord Jigten Sumgon left his physical body, but with each passing year, the fragrance of his precious teachings and life has spread transcending all boundaries and guided the sentient beings towards awakening. Appreciating the wonder and beauty of his precious life seeing it as a pure manifestation of our own inner qualities of Buddha nature. In my eyes meditation surrounded in every forms, glimpsing the groups of monks and nuns far away heading towards the monastery, smiling beautifully while I blissfully savored every sip of chai. A few minutes later I followed them, all of us were greeted with the powerful sound of a conch shell where they were being blowed by two monks at the main entrance.

There is a continuous flow of people circumambulating the monastery. The air was filled with the sweetest smell of burning incense. I love the sounds of some nuns’ reciting soft mantras and auras around them made my heart inexpressible joy. My eyes sparkled like a little child. We prostrate and settled for the Puja. I found my innermost light and joy during the sheerest moments of Puja. All the ancient words of prayers are nothing but a pure reminder for us to find our way to awakening. To be motivated ourselves by his life and to keep in mind to courageously walk on our own towards Buddhahood. I found my peace among the chants that bellowed through the air like a mighty lion roaring. All of my senses were blooming to the witnessing of now and ancient coming together to celebrate a common factor that bonded them in an extraordinary spiritual way. We shouldn’t waste time praising gurus if we do not practice their teachings.

I kept reminding myself to be more aware on what I do. We celebrated that day by reflecting and absorbing the precious life of lord Jigten Sumgon and his teachings which inspired us to move forward courageously and transform our everyday life from the mundane to the meaningfully sacred, from the trivial to the profound. By cultivating the principles of love, compassion, gratitude, indestructible wisdom we prepared our hearts and minds to receive the grace of unconditional love and wisdom through the blessing of Buddha in the form of our Gurus.

We rejoicefully ended our day by circumambulating the monastery to pay respect for all the teachings he left us to be our own light by carrying the lit candles representing the light of Buddha nature we carry in all of us despite all the darkness that surrounds us. The coming together of many lights made a brighter ember and bigger force to hold the darkness away. A truly wonderful way to show that even 800 years after lord Jigten Sumgon Parinirvana, the best of us can still be brought out in his honour.

Feeling extremely blessed to have sacred space with our precious Sanghas. We have been so blessed to have received a token of blessing from every corner. Moments like this truly awaken our spirit. Let his teachings manifest through our thoughts, speech, and action. This is the space I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to surrendering, introspection, devotion and fearlessness. May I request your goodself to kindly spare your valuable time to join us the main anniversary commemoration of Lord Jigten Sumgon’s body, speech, mind, qualities and activities will take place at Drikung Kagyu Jangchubling in Dehradun, India on 19th October until the 25th October 2017.

“By the power of this vast root of virtue, May I benefit all beings through my body, speech, and mind. May the affliction of desire, hatred, ignorance, arrogance, and jealousy not arise in my mind. May thoughts of fame, reputation, wealth, honour, and concern for this life not arise for even a moment. May my minds stream be moistened by loving-kindness, compassion, and bodhicitta.”

– Lord Jigten Sumgon


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