Inspiration is cascading through my entire existence I feel it purify my soul and lighten my heart, I start to see the colour embedded in everything that surrounds me. Stepping into a new place of elevation. The past twelve months have shown me how to live more mindfully and intentionally. So grateful for all of the life changing, pivotal experiences that I was blessed enough to find myself having.

Here I am so ready to contribute more to what I am truly into, ready to make more connections, ready to imprint on the souls of people I have and am yet to connect with. Ready to start fresh and to fully forgive anything left over from the past, ready to not dwell on what is wrong with the world and instead focus on what we can do to brighten the world, ready to try new things, ready to deepen the practices I love, ready to read more and absorb new channels of uplifting influential information, ready to embrace the truest words within myself, ready to claim my peace and sit at my utmost truth of self-respect, self love, and sharing love and positive vibes towards all beings that cross my path and never ever to take the privilege I have for granted.

May we greet our day full of joy and generously share our inner greatness with whoever we meet. May we never be sunk into the specks of negativity. May we all have the courage everyday to act upon what we truly believe in. May there be love in everything that we do. May we all live everyday with Boldness. May our heart always be filled with gratitude wherever we are and with whatever we have. May our path in this precious human journey never be wasted.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2018.

With lots of Love and Light. 

{Each pic represents one of the many precious moments from each month of 2017.}


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  1. ❤ ཧཱུྂ


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