IMG_3396IMG_3383IMG_3395IMG_3394IMG_3393IMG_3382IMG_3377IMG_3373IMG_3375IMG_3372IMG_3376IMG_3378IMG_3381IMG_3379IMG_3380I have written this from many different places, specks of time that are now memories embedded into words. As I write this memories I am sitting under the beautiful trees with cup of tea and books, listening quietly to the soothing music, absorbing my surroundings: the sound of earths tropical birdsongs and vibrant butterflies! The whole place is filled with beautiful colours. It’s such a joy to be writing my journey in this peaceful place of paradise. Reflecting back on the most breathtaking moments of the past few months continue to flow seamlessly through me. Plane rides, taxis, overnight buses, scooter rides, tuk tuks, hundreds of faces, places, memories, things and emotions all swirling around my head. The days are dense and every second is a new wonder to behold. There is no proper beginning, or proper ending. Specks of fleeting moments, now preserved in images and kept alive in words. Days keep flying. And I am trying my best to consume every bit of it before it withers away.

To me, this is a country that completely immerses you in a new culture as soon as you land. The temples, the streets, the signs, the sounds, and even the smells are different and the people are so calm, loving and always polite. You instantly start to enjoy everything this country has to offer, specifically the shopping, food and night markets. Maybe people have their own kind of views to enjoy certain places. The place has its own unique ways to give people joy and satisfaction who longed to experience their own.

Having the most beautiful resort, breathtaking aura, waves of beauty with a wall of flowers exploded in crimson and purple, I gasped, my eyes widened for such a lovely this little sanctuary is, sleeping under a linen canopy, It was beautiful, spacious and peaceful. We were absolutely delighted to have the most freshest and scrumptious foods in an open air pavilion and drinking our teas with the sunrise. Most of the days we spent our afternoons reading, journaling and drinking lots of fresh juices and tons of coconut waters! We were truly so blessed to spend our time here.

Thailand is a treasure all its own, full of little villages, towns, each with their own magic to explore. We would set out each time, seeking to come upon charming moments; to have enchanted moments. Every corner I turned was a new adventure, whether it led me to a restaurant nestled in the side roads or little shops filled with gorgeous vintage finds, or old bookstores filled with vintage books – diaries, autobiographies, travel journeys. It was one of those pinch-me moments when your wanderlust dreams come true in the pure definition of paradise. I always love visiting the local farm where they make their own products. It was such a great adventure. We thoroughly enjoyed making friends with absolutely cute animals at the farm, nourished our bodies with fresh fruits and tons of coconut water. As we were traveling through the hills of northern Thailand to reach Chiang rai, forests and jungles densely occupy every direction. We stopped at some roadside cafes to have some tea – most of the small cafes here are so dreamy – very artistic, lively, steamy and fill the air with delicious aromas of coffees, vanilla and cardamon. Occasionally I will catch a glimmer of gold in the corner of my eye and as I look up I am left in awe by the amazing wats and temples that surround me, this is truly a mystical journey with so many stories behind it.

Traveling for me is my way of continuing education – expanding my thoughts, seeing things you only read about in books and knowing what they feel like, taste like or sound like. It has changed my opinion on spiritual, political and environmental issues. It has made me look at cultures with a greater understanding that one is not better than the other, that you need way less in life than we have become accustomed to and the happiest people are the ones who base their life on love, kindness, and helping each others. It teaches me the lessons I have yet to finish uncovering but that will shape how I tell stories in years to come. Thailand you have absolutely bewitched me. I cannot wait to return and uncover even more of your beauty.


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